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Whats The Largest BP ??

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  • Whats The Largest BP ??

    8) Ok i got a good one for yaz.. Whats the largest BP you have ever seen or owned???? Im gona find this pic of my dad way back when i owned Lakeside Exotic Pets, many many years ago.. Hes holding one of my BP's that was a male and he was huge.. Il find the pic and get it put on here in few days so you can see how big BP's were back in those days..

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    Re: Whats The Largest BP ??

    I don't remember just how big the last ball python I had was. I think she was a bit smaller than the one I have now, because I didn't have her as long as this guy. The largest ball pythons I've seen in person were about 4-5'. I remember seeing a picture somewhere of a 6' ball python swallowing a small adult rabbit.

    This is my ball, Zack.



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      Re: Whats The Largest BP ??

      The snake that made me fall in lov' with having snakes was a 6' ball python... It was a couple inchs longer but that is big anyway you slice it....
      Eric aka....Red


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        Re: Whats The Largest BP ??

        well get ready for this the biggest bp i have seen was at a exotic petstore some guy brought her in to show off she was 7 and a half feet long and 23 pounds


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          Re: Whats The Largest BP ??

          I ve seen a 5 ft female that was really thick, I wanted to get her but someone else had placed a deposit. she was rather large for being only 4 y/o, I hear she eats really well.. hehe