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  • agressive ball

    i have a ball i would say is 6 mos old and i have had for a month and a half my problem is when i hold him he jumps alot and struck at my daughter the other day :-X this was not a problem befor this worries me as this snake is going to get large and i have 2 small kids my boa is great with anyone and shows no signs of agression any help is great he just got done with a shed 3 days or more befor and ate 2 mice the day befor ??? ???

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    Re: agressive ball

    A couple of things..
    First.. is this snake a wc one do you know?
    Also you mentioned that the snake had just fed the day before. The snake should really be left alone for at least 48 hours after feeding in order to digest it's meal. It could have been uncomfortable with a recent meal in it's gut and that may be why it got like that.
    Also.. with a recent shed the snake may not have appreciated being handled at all possibly.
    Try letting the snake settle down some for a few days and then try handling to see if it is still like this at all.
    Also..ya might want to take a look into feeding it one rodent that is larger at a feeding possibly too.


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      Re: agressive ball

      Mine did the same thing. it was a great, mellow snake and all of a sudden, one day it just started striking. over a couple of days it got worse. and he even struck at my daughter while I was holding him! I don't even know why I thought of it, but i soaked him in warm water for about 20-30 min., he had a bowel movement, and has been fine ever since. It seems he was constipated.
      I had already checked for any obvious problems, and nothing seemed wrong, and my other ball (housed with that one)was fine.
      This may be way off base, but it couldn't hurt.
      Good Luck!


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        Re: agressive ball

        Just a thought. It might not be a problem with the snake but just it's personallity. Mine ball had a very sporatic demeanor, somedays she was perfect others it was like she had one of loris migraines. For example one time I had her out and she was fine then snap she took one look at me and whent beserk. I ended up giving her to a breeder who works only with balls and he has experienced the same problem. Some days she is fine other days you can't even look at her without her trying to get at you. He has looked for any health probs even took her to the vet and had a total work over done on her, but as far as he and the vet can tell it's just her personallity.
        P.S. she was a captive bread snake, I watched her hatch at my friends who breeds them and I had her for two years trying to calm her down.


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          Re: agressive ball

          Am I the only one that lov' to see people put in things like my ball will not eat. The first thing that go's through my head is well play backet ball then.. I have never had a ball that eats.. lol..
          I have an aggressive ball.. could you admagine you go to kick a ball and a big mouth opens up and bits you foot.. lol
          Well I guess I have some stupid humer...
          Eric aka...Red


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            Re: agressive ball

            You know red I have never thought of these posts like that but now that you mention it, it is pretty **** funny LOL.