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here are my corny babies

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  • here are my corny babies

    here is hercules...he is a hoss, he was a bit skinny when i got him but he is much fatter and happier now. he takes in medium rats once a week without nay problems. he masures around 5'6ish but it doesnt look like it in the pictures.

    here is herc girle athena, she is not as much of a whopper as herc but she comes in at a respectful four feet. funny she was a little 2.5 foot dehydrated critter i got from petland for 30 bucks.

    here is trouble she was a rescued amel, i call her trouble cause she was so skinny and lifeless when i got her, but now she is on top. she has a great personality as well.

    here is spot, he/she is a littel albino/reverse okeetee. i looked for about a year for one i liked and i finally found him/her. coming along well, was eating anoles when i got him/her now eats juvenile mice like a champ.

    and last but definately not least is killer. i just got him one day and i really dont know why or how. i went to a pet store with a hatchling king snake and they said i will buy that snake from me and i took killer and 12 fuzzies for the king. not really a big deal considering i only paid ten bucks for the king snake and i didnt really like it that much. and i dont know why he has that nakme either just the first thing that popped in my mind when i saw him eat. never wraps just swallows. he too is on juvenile mice.

    well enjoy all of the pics and please let me know what you guys think of them


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    Re: here are my corny babies

    8)wow excellent pics... i love corn snakes there so cool and i never have a prob with mine eatting.. my girlfriend just took pics tonight and i should have them tomarrow so il have to put a pic up of her .. she was a gift from a bud and she was supose to be albino but i think shes something else.. shes a little squirmy sometimes but shes sweet, love the pic of "Trouble".. my fav corns are candycane, blood red and sunglow...


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      Re: here are my corny babies

      Great pics, froggy. Your babies look corny to me. :P Kudos to you for rescuing them and bringing them back to health. I'm in a similar situation with a candy cane from an ex-roomie of mine. Basically, he didn't feed the snake for an entire year, and the snake was the same size as I remember when I last saw it a year ago. Poor guy was nothing but ribs and spine when I got him. He has done a complete turnaround. I need to take some updated pictures.

      August 2002 - right after picking him up

      December 2002 - same snake, same hand