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Sweet Carpet Spring.

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  • Sweet Carpet Spring.

    It has been warming here, and the snakes have been active. I'm a multi-species keeper. I'm not a breeder or an expert, just a guy that loves nature and snakes. After buying my son a royal 5 years ago for his birthday I convinced my wife to let me get a boa constrictor, and then a carpet python and finally a reticulated SDxdwarf.

    I could never pick a favorite, though my boa is VERY special. This girl here is also a snake that deserves a special place on the favorites list.

    Morelia fans,,, this is a coastal carpet mix of some type. I bought her for almost nothing and didn't care what she was, although I did want a coastal for size. She was beautiful to me form day one. I especially enjoy Mother Nature colors and patterns and was not after a morph or anything shocking. She did have the cleanest, most bright pattern of the bunch but was also the largest.

    Here we are almost 3 years later and I have a semi large, healthy girl here named Jewel.

    She's closing in on 7 feet long and is a terrible eater. She is also the nicest, most curious, friendly snake here. There really is something about Aussie snakes when it comes to social behavior IMO. I've heard this from more than one person.

    These photos were taken less than an hour ago. Enjoy Jewel,,,, again LOL!

    She can eat huge items but prefers to be fed once every 2 months. Usually 2 large rats. 1 live to get her excited and the next she is OK with F/t.

    Close up she is fascinating.

    Honestly I don't know what she is mixed with, I'm just happy to own her.

    Folks,,,, there is nothing like a good carpet python!!

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    Re: Sweet Carpet Spring.

    She is gorgeous! And a good personality too- I think she's got you over a barrel when it comes to her being a fussy eater. Hopefully that won't continue forever...just long enough so you know who's in charge, LOL!


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      Re: Sweet Carpet Spring.

      amazing pictures,i love the heat pits on pythons almost looks like they got teeth missing ,lol .There eyes are just out of this world,im glad she is nice and friendly too


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        Re: Sweet Carpet Spring.

        Originally posted by Richyboa72 View Post
        amazing pictures,i love the heat pits on pythons almost looks like they got teeth missing ,lol ...
        Yeah, even my tiny Aussie Spotted python has those pits...makes her appear to have a demented grin. (maybe it IS more than just "appearance"?)