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Living Gems Holdbacks: Litter 2013-B

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  • Living Gems Holdbacks: Litter 2013-B

    As we gear up for the next breeding year, we wanted to update our readers on some of our past holdbacks.

    Hailing from our 2013 “B” litter, we have #062. These babies were born on August 21 to Picasso, a dual-orange male, and Malachite, a large reddish female (to this day she has delivered our largest litter, 22 babies). Holdback choices were tough, and this little lady became her litter’s sole placeholder partway through the sales process, taking the place of my initial choice. She is developing a dual orange color scheme reminiscent of her father.

    Here is Juvie #62 as of her most recent photo shoot:

    She weighed around 500 grams of her last weigh-in.

    As always, thank you for reading.

    Cliff Earle
    Living Gems Reptiles
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