Hailing from our 2011 “B” litter, we have Kilimanjaro, Heliodor, and Morganite. These babies were born on September 14 to Hills, a stunning high orange male who loved to climb and was named after the famous mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, and Alexandrite, a very nice orange-red female (we have since rehomed her to make way for better candidates as our stock improves). Kilimanjaro turned into a deep red beauty, and I s currently working on little ones of his own. Heliodor was the top holdback of the year, and while she lost a few points to her sister as she grew, is still gorgeous, and one of the friendliest rainbows I have ever met. Morganite just got prettier and prettier as she grew up, though she is a bit more standoffish than her sister.

Here is Kilimanjaro as of his most recent photo shoot:

Here is Heliodor as of her most recent photo shoot:

Here is Morganite as of her most recent photo shoot:

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