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Living Gems Breeding Update (December 2015)

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  • Living Gems Breeding Update (December 2015)

    Welcome to a new year with Living Gems Reptiles!

    Pairings 2015

    In a late 2015 surprise, I now suspect that Onyx may be gravid for her first time. She was paired with Caesarion last year as one of two high-orange matches, and is looking decidedly plump:

    She has also been gaining weight (292 grams over the last three months/since last shed) and refusing food since October 1 (except live mice…and over Christmas she even passed on those). She last shed on September 28, so if she is indeed gravid, that places her projected due date in late January…plus a bit due to the cooler room (while I left her viv-level heat a touch higher, I had to cool the broader room for next year’s breeders).

    I will keep you updated as we learn more.

    Babies 2015

    We still have ten babies from Litter A available. All are eating and growing well, except for stubborn little #19, who seems to think she is a snake supermodel and refuses to eat. (She has refused frozen rats, live rats, frozen mice, live mice, small mice, frog-scented mice, and lizard-scented mice. Her one meal was her first mouse. Guess it didn’t tickle her palette. She is thin, but otherwise active and curious.)

    The babies of Litter B have started their second sheds, and all eaten five to six meals. Here are a few teaser shots from their second sheds:



    We hope to have them graded and posted for sale by late January.

    Pairings 2016

    We are in the final stages of planning 2016 pairings. While most of the matches are still in play, we do have a few set pairs: Ramses will try for this third litter with new girlfriend Amber…

    …Franklin will meet Jadeite again in an effort to produce more thick-bordered beauties like this…

    …and DuVall will get a second crack at convincing the giant, 2800-gram, red-line Spessartine…

    …that her biologic click is finally striking noon.

    In total, we should have nine males and twelve girls for 2016 – four more girls than last year, so a new record for Living Gems and its customers!

    In preparation for the new season, we opened our 2016 Wait List on Christmas Day, so please feel free to sign up via our Facebook page (link below).

    As always, thank you for reading,

    Cliff Earle
    Living Gems Reptiles
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