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Living Gems Babies: Litter 2015-C

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  • Living Gems Babies: Litter 2015-C

    On Saturday, January 16, the final litter from LGR’s 2015 breeding season arrived. Dad Ceasarion and Mom Onyx produced a litter of 19 bouncing baby Brazilians.


    Pictured on his fifth birthday.


    Pictured at age seven and a half, while she was basking away on the heat.


    Mom chose to delivery in her water bowl:

    The babies scattered pretty quickly. Some went far….

    Babies huddled in the far corner. Can you count the tiny heads?

    Some, not so far…

    This baby staked out a claim on the edge of Mom’s water bowl.

    And some just decided to have fun:

    Mom makes a wonderful playset.

    Note Mom’s duller orange. She used to be one of the most stunning orange females in our stable, but a few years back experienced the odd color fade that some Brazilians undergo, one that no one has been able to crack. As a testament to her intense original color, she is still orange...most animals go dull brown. I’m hoping that the cross between two intense orange lines will produce some even more intense babies, and am confident enough in that result that I will hold back several of them to improve our lines.

    On a sad note, here was also one stillborn. RIP little one.

    As always, thank you for reading.

    Cliff Earle
    Living Gems Reptiles
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