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Breeding Profile Group 3 (High Red)

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  • Breeding Profile Group 3 (High Red)

    Welcome to Profile 3 of 9 for Living Gems’ 2016 breeding season. Our third group pairs Ericthonius with Spessartine in search of high red babies.

    Ericthonius, an October 2010 male from a high red lineage, is one of the friendliest rainbows in our collection. He is only entering our breeding program this year because he has also been one of the slowest growers. He was one of the last litters from the lineage he came from, and I think the successive years of back-to-back breeding affected those babies’ growth. Earlier this year, he also decided he wanted to eat only mice, which further slowed his breeding-year rev-up. That said…none of his has affected his abilities or enthusiasm, as he was all over his new girlfriend from the moment he hit her enclosure. Here he is as of November 2015 (shyly hiding his head):

    As of his pre-breeding weigh-in, Ericthonius measured 1685 grams.

    Spessartine, an August 2009 female from a high red lineage, is known as the “Ice Queen” at LGR due to the fact she has yet to find a suiter she likes: she rejected Prometheus in 2013, Prometheus again in 2014, and DuVall in 2015. Thankfully, she has made good use of that time and her love of food: she is now our largest female by far, both in size and weight. Here she is as of October 2015:

    As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, Spessartine measured 2765 grams (yes, that is more than 1000 grams larger than her boyfriend -- you see that in boas all the time, but not in rainbows).

    Here’s to hoping the Ice Queen has finally met her match.

    If you like what you see, and want first dibs at any babies, you can sign up for the LGR Wait List here

    As always, thank you for reading.

    Cliff Earle
    Living Gems Reptiles
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