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Breeding Profile Group 6 (Mixed/High Orange)

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  • Breeding Profile Group 6 (Mixed/High Orange)

    Welcome to Profile 6 of 9 for Living Gems’ 2016 breeding season. Our sixth group pairs Scarface with Citrine in search of mixed orange babies, and with Aventurine in search of high orange babies.

    Scarface, a high orange July 2008 male, is one of our oldest snakes. He was named for both a favorite movie and a missing scale on his head when he came to us, now long healed. He is a bit standoffish with the ladies, except Almandine with whom he has fathered 46 babies. Here’s to hoping he can expand his genetic legacy this year. Here he is in a wonderful character shot as of July 2015:

    As of his pre-breeding weigh-in, he measured 2199 grams.

    Citrine, an August 2009 golden orange female, is probably one of the friendliest rainbows I have ever met. She is often at the front of her tank, eager to greet whoever opens the door (and see if they have food). She is also the younger sister of the sorely missed Topaz, one of the most gorgeous rainbows I have ever seen…so somewhere in these genes lurks glory. This will be her third attempt at breeding for us, but also the first in which she has passed the 2000-gram mark. Here she is as of October 2015 (in shed):

    As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2054 grams.

    Aventurine, a high orange September 2010 female, is one of our two bullseye girls. She is a picky feeder who prefers fresh-killed to frozen, and is not afraid to turn her snout at the latter. As a result, she took much longer than normal to hit breeding size. She makes up for it with generous color and those fabulous side markings. Here she is as of October 2015:

    As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2035 grams.

    If you like what you see, and want first dibs at any babies, you can sign up for the LGR Wait List here

    As always, thank you for reading.

    Cliff Earle
    Living Gems Reptiles
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    Re: Breeding Profile Group 6 (Mixed/High Orange)

    Are you sure those are not paintings of boas?


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      Re: Breeding Profile Group 6 (Mixed/High Orange)

      LOL...thank you!