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Breeding Profile Group 9 (Mash-Up)

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  • Breeding Profile Group 9 (Mash-Up)

    Welcome to Profile 9 of 9 for Living Gems’ 2016 breeding season. Our ninth and final group is our wild card for the year, and pairs three vastly different animals: the high-red Prometheus, the dark bullseye Jasper, and the moderate orange Heliodor, all in search of surprises.

    Prometheus, a high red September 2009 male, is one of the most gorgeous males we own. He is also one of the most personable, and is always ready to meet you at his tank door. His breeding record, however, is a bit spotty: in three tries he has yet to get the deed done (two of these years were with the Ice Queen, so may not be his fault). This is the year to prove himself and pass that stunning red on to the next generation. Here he is as of April 2014:

    As of his pre-breeding weigh-in, he measured 2103 grams.

    Heliodor, an orange male from our September 2011 Hills-Alexandrite pairing, was one of the prettiest baby rainbows I have ever seen, and that year’s top holdback. Her sister later edged her out for adult looks, but I’m betting that the slightly larger (and much friendlier) Heli will produce babies just as stunning as she was. She is a good match to Prometheus for personality; as an LRG baby she was handled constantly when young, so likes people a great deal. Here she is as of October 2015:

    As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2219 grams.

    Jasper, an orange August 2009 female, is notable for both her consistent bullseye pattern and her incredibly dark face, which captures iridescence amazing well. She traces from Will Bird lines. She is a bit iffy on the handling idea, however, and prefers to bolt for freedom and then hide. Here she is as of October 2015:

    As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2082 grams.

    If you like what you see, and want first dibs at any babies, you can sign up for the LGR Wait List here

    As always, thank you for reading.

    Cliff Earle
    Living Gems Reptiles
    Premium Brazilian Rainbow Boas from a disease-tested facility
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    Re: Breeding Profile Group 9 (Mash-Up)

    Fingers crossed for you to have large and healthy babies!

    Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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      Re: Breeding Profile Group 9 (Mash-Up)

      Thank you, Zamora!


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        Re: Breeding Profile Group 9 (Mash-Up)

        Drop-dead amazing, as usual!


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          Re: Breeding Profile Group 9 (Mash-Up)

          Thank you, Noelle!