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Please help rattlesnakes

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  • Please help rattlesnakes

    Tell the Times they’re wrong on rattlesnakes | SocialSnakes

    We don't have much time for submissions...the cut-off is April 10, only a few short days away...but please don't let these atrocities continue???

    While science is just getting around to documenting reptile intelligence, I know from years of living with rattlesnakes that they deserve far better than slaughter in Texas.

    Remember, when you allow mistreatment of one species to continue, you INVITE the same treatment for other species in the future. Rattlesnake 'round-ups' are horrifically cruel &
    senseless...and they promote the mistreatment of reptiles. Please HELP?

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    Re: Please help rattlesnakes

    Wow, people have no respect for the wildlife


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      Re: Please help rattlesnakes

      Here is the letter I sent:

      To the editor,

      This is a barbaric practice that needs to stop, I can't believe that a magazine that is so well respected would cater to such a bloodbath of any animal. Worse, to portray the slaughter of so many animals as family friendly fun and to involve children is senseless and cruel. Many wonder what has happened to the morals of society these days and to condone and promote this as acceptable and fun certainly taints children's minds. What makes snakes any different than any other animals?

      Please retract this article and stop promoting such violence.

      Very respectfully,

      Berkeley Knebel
      Mississippi Morphs

      Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest