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Steel Of A Deal!!!

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  • Steel Of A Deal!!!

    8) Ok guys here we go a real steel of a deal on Millies, some are giant chocolates and few are afrcan giant blacks get um all for a low price... Keep what ya want sell the rest to make some cash back... Great way to start with Millies... heres the link... These guys normaly go for 8 to 15 bucks each in the pet trade.. Nice looking pedes to boot..... thats 7 Millies....

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    Re:Steel Of A Deal!!!

    By the way, I just did the math. $25 for these 7 millies would make it $3.57 per millipede. Pretty good deal, considering millies at that size would be going for $15-20 from pet shops or dealers. If only I had $25.



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      Re:Steel Of A Deal!!!

      don't forget to add the 35 shipping.. Thats how they get ya..LOL



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        Re:Steel Of A Deal!!!

        :-\ I still think thats a heck of a deal and if you was to order just one millie from a dealer at 10 to 20 you would still get hit with that high shipping fee, You could always sell few to make back few bucks to.... At least there not tiny babies and ya get 2 diffrent kinds... 8)