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Your Waxworms??

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  • Your Waxworms??

    8)Ok was just wondering how long does your wax worms last in storage?? Mine have lasted me just a few days short of a month.. I keep them in a cool dark place and once in a while i toss in some dry oatmeal flakes.. So far only few have morphed to moths.. doing good, since i order 500 or more at a time..

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    Re: Your Waxworms??

    I don't know how long they last out of the fridge, but I know it ain't very long!!!!


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      Re: Your Waxworms??

      Mine die in the fridge...
      And morph into moths like in a week in a cool dark place... > >
      Does anybody know how to keep the moths so I can breed wax worms....
      I use raisen bran...
      It has the raisens for a lil' moisture... they seem to like them I find them rapped around them all the time...
      And the bran... I mix in cricket chow with it and it works good.... They seem to last as worms longer then anthing else I have tryed...
      Eric aka...Red


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        Re: Your Waxworms??

        Sounds like you might be on to something there Red with the way you keep the wax worms.. I use the biggest plastic bowl i got and then add some corn meal, alittle oat meal, bran flakes and a tiny slice of apple then i put it in a semi dark spot thats stays cool and they last for awhile.. But then again im getting 500 waxies at a time to.. ;D Any that are black and dead get plucked out and the moths get used for the Ts.. Not sure on breeding the moths.. You might want to check into one of the wax worm dealers see if theres a care sheet on um...