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  • Closer.....DONE...

    Thats how nervous i felt yesterday, heres the story:
    I came back from school and straight from the end of school i had a Hockey game, so after the game i did my daily inverts check-up. I came up to my 3/4" Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron) vial and saw it on its back! I was nervous and watched the vial for 2 straight hours, i was biting my nails, so nervous, pacing my room, ect. It had a successful molt and looks like it is now 1"! I feel so proud as a father watching my kids growing up!
    People who say the chevies grow fast are wrong look at this record:
    Aquired on 2/14/03 from Kelly Swift of Swift Invertebrates
    molts on 5/7/03!
    Thats pretty long!
    Just felt like sharing my exp.


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    Re: Closer.....DONE...

    I would be freaked out too. I remember waking up one morning and looking into my rose hairs cage and seeing two of them!! I was like Oh my God, my T's are multiplying, quick get it out before they start fighting!!! Then I realized that she molted for the first time for us. That was a shock to the system!! Actually it was quite funny, kind of a you had to be there moment!! ;D


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      Re: Closer.....DONE...

      b25.gif s9.gif That is so cool i love watching T's molt when i know mine is gona molt i set there cage on my comp desk so that while im here i can also watch them,, i have seen soooooooo many of them molt its like a real big thing as soon as there done its like wow my baby is growin up now and the kids are like thats so neat mom.... i love it!!!!!!!! James it could be a female and thats why its molting slower...


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        Re: Closer.....DONE...

        I wish mine would molt already. I don't know which they are gonna make me do first... cwm33.gif or