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T's and mail travel-shipping..

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  • T's and mail travel-shipping..

    cwm20.gif s8.gif T's can go thru shipping and mail pretty well. First off most T's and other arachnids, inverts. are packed very carefully, in containers small enough to stop the T or invert from moving around for traveling purposes and well being. The containers are packed in news paper or styrafoam and then again in another travel box or styrafoam container. Most dealers or sellers or even private owners will ship these critters UPS overnight or Fedex, Airborn Express and once in awhile thru the priority mail.. When buying a T or other invert make sure you always get a tracking number so you can find out where your purchase is and when you can be expecting it..If it goes thru priority mail please make sure to call your post office and tell them you have a package commin in thats glass and you want to pick it up your self as most mail carriers take along time to reach your house and the T could get cold depending on where you live and the temps outside... Never tell the mail carrier or the post office you have a T or invert commin in, just say its glass or something fragil or live crickets.. As post offices dont alow shipping of spiders and other inverts, due to they think they are poisionus-hot... Make sure that when your shipment comes in you open it and check the contents out if a T or a invert arives dead make sure you get ahold of the dealer right away and tell them what happend and ask for a refund or another animal and that you are willing to send the dead one back or take a pick of it for there records.. If its a private dealer-owner that you purchase from request that they dont feed the animal for few days befour shipping..Some T's will pop in transit due to the fact that they were feed very well and are fat and then they are packed tight in there containers.. This happens very rarely but it does happen.. Hope this info will help everyone out in the future when purchasing T's or inverts... s9.gif