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Barracuda.. T.. Question

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  • Barracuda.. T.. Question

    Hey Tracey,

    I was gonna email this question, but figured your expertise with T's may benifit others as well..

    Well you know I am still planning on getting a Brazilian Black, but until I can find one that is reasonable size and price range, I have been looking at some other ones that they do have local..

    I came across a very pretty Pink Toe T. I am not sure if its a male or female, but its a big one. Atleast 5-6 inches across and active as all hell. This one was climbing the side of its critter home. Now it looked abit agressive, but that could be due to having no hide and 100's of pearing eyes looking at the little bugger..

    So the question is, do they make good starter T's?
    Are they hard to care for?

    Any help would be appreciated..


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    Re:Barracuda.. T.. Question

    8)Hey Steve, Pink Toes are good starter T's, but the are very fast.. So if your looking for a T that you can just sit down with and handle i wouldnt recomend the Pink Toe.. But like i said you can handle them, there just skittish and very very fast to jump or run..I havent know of any Pink Toe's to bite yet.. They need a tall cage with lots fake plants and cork bark, they also need to be misted a few times a week, they mostly drink the water droplets off the glass or the plants but i do recomend you also use a small water dish cap..Bedding of peatmoss mix moistend, few inches deep.. Temps around 78 to 82. Everyone keeps there T's diffrent, this is my method of keeping them.. Sounds to me like that was one huge pink toe you sure it wasnt a Goliath Pink Toe?? Heres few links for ya.. - this is a great place to hang out..
    As for the Brazilian Black its high in price because it is one of the best T's for handling and also the best first time T. for a begginer.. Rose hairs are to but i dont care for them simply because they can go on hunger strikes and also because they have a wierd temperment and some can be outright agressive.. Hope this helps some.. A pink zebra beauty is another T you can look into or a Cahco golden knee is a good first time T..


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      Re:Barracuda.. T.. Question

      Hey tracey,

      Thanks for the info as always. I passed on that guy. Last thing I want right now is a skiddish spider that runs and jumps..LOL

      No way to loose the creeps of these guys..LOL