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    ok heres the deal i am wanting to get my hubby a t buts hes never owned a spider before. i hate them wont even touch a spider !!! but hes been seeing all the t pics on here. he will probably want one he can hold and will only get 4-6 inches what is the best kind to get i dont want to get one from like the petco or somewhere they just dont look that good. and where can i get one online. (its is b day present so dont tell lmao). oh and care sheets on it as well cuz we dont kow chit about them lol

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    Re:t question

    Well I could recamend a breazilan black (spelling)... I have one and it is a perfect gentalmen... just comes out and eats and some times I hold it and it seems real ok with it just kinda' crawls around and watches everything.... never reared up or anything...
    here is a care sheet for one....

    Mine has been real easy to keep and have had no problems yet.. I was totaly scared of spiders when I got it but now I am not scared of him... it is a start.. I had a black widdow crawl on me the other day and I was jumping around like a lil' girl though... hehe s36.gif s36.gif b6.gif b25.gif s35.gif s35.gif
    Well I hope this helps...
    Eric aka....Red


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      Re:t question

      8)Well i highly recomend the Brazilian Black to as they are the best first time T.. They are expensivethough.. Also there is the Chaco Golden Knee they get around 6 to 7 inches and are nice T's. Also the Pink Zebra Beauty, the Curly hair, the Pink toe both these T's are great but are more skittish.. Most these links will have care sheets and also other links of intrest.. These links will help you out...

      MIDWEST EXOTIC in the invert classifieds and petbugs classifieds..

      Best places to go for care sheets is,
      Big Harry spiders
      ATS american tarantula society