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  • T- setup

    I just got a thailand zebra from the show yesterday and was wanting to see what everyone keeps there spiders in. I have her in a critter cage right now and it just isn't very nice to look at. I just thought there might be some better ways to set up a habitat

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    Re:T- setup

    Actually, a critter cage does work pretty well. If you want to keep it in there, place some substrate in there, like cypress mulch or the small chip reptibark in the bottom. The place some sort of cave or hide of some kind. You can use a piece of cork bark, or one of those reptile hides, even a small flower pot. Anything they can go into and hide. If you want to go to something bigger, you can use a 5.5 gallon fish tank, or (my personal favorite, because it's cheap) any type of Sterelite container. You can get a rather large one for like $3-$5. Then set it up the same way.

    In my rose hair, I use a coconut shell with a "doorway" cut out of it then I placed a bunch or large rocks underneath it for the walls, so that she can fit under it. Then I have the small chip reptibark for substrate. And I have a small castle in it, just for looks. She's in a 5.5 gallon tank.

    In my Usumbara's, I'm using Peat moss substrate, a corkbark hide and piece of moss for looks and moisture. She's in a Sterelite file container.

    In my Red knee's, I'm using Sand as substrate (getting ready to change to cypress mulch this week, and some flat rocks for a hide and a fake cactus for looks. He's in a 10 gallon tank.

    You can do all kinds of thing with you T's just by using stuff around the house. Use your imagination!!!


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      Re:T- setup

      8) Hey there deuce, since you have a thailand zebra i recomend that you set it up on a good deep layer of peatmoss mix moistend so that it has humidity as they require a higher himidity than some other T's.. You can do just about anything with a kritter keeper to decorate it up.. use fake plants and wood or tree bark of some type.. I dont have a lot of pics of complet set ups for all my Ts but heres few pics to give you some ideas... I use fresh moss from outside and also wierd wood stumps and tree bark...


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        Re:T- setup

        this was a odd little stump i found out back in the woods and cleaned it off and she likes it...


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          Re:T- setup

          Does anyone know where to find a care sheet on this species. all I keep finding is the thailand black, not the zebra. also thanks for your tips fellas..


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            Re:T- setup

            I found a care guide for you. I did a search on the scientific name Haplopelma Albostriatum. I had to translate this page though, so I'll post the link and I'll copy and paste the care guide for ya.


            Haplopelma spec. "aureopilosum"

            wissensch. Name:
            still blank kind

            German name:

            Sued-und averaging shark country


            Care/attitude Terrarium:
            As so rather all Haplopelma kinds is to be said to the attitude the following.
            A container of 30 cm height is appropriate. The surface area is enough from 15x15 cm. Importantly is which one with this kind the soil reason of at least 15 - 20 cm highly fill can. Either one can be made this Terrarien particularly or one can these animals also in this Faunaboxen hold as I it prefers.

            There I fill the Faunabox to scarcely 3-4 cm under the edge with soil reason (flower earth ungeduengte here) and make the soil reason once correctly wet. If water of 1-2 cm down does not stand is bad that. Subsequently, I pre-cut a tube at the side panel of the Faunabox with a spoon or use from the building market a piece HT pipe with 4 cm diameters.
            Room temperature of 24-25 degrees are sufficient perfectly.
            The soil reason should drain slowly wetness I it every 2-3 months at least after.

            There Haploplema kinds do not belong to the aggressive bird spiders with poison bites defend themselves it fuel hair in the sense have like South American bird spiders.
            Haplopelmas are much fast and can very fast zubeissen.
            With these kinds highest caution is it in attack position immediately goes required there and before slamming shut not back-frightening with being busy or the shifting.

            Is not additional still mentions these kinds degrees are gefraessig

            I'll keep looking for better ones.