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Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

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  • Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

    b1.gif b2.gif b3.gif Happy Birthday!!! b3.gif b2.gif b1.gif

    Here are 2 albino babies just hatched. They are from Jeff J's het to het breeding. 2 eggs, 2 albino. How about those odds?

    There are several pictures here so be patient!

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    Re: Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

    Aww, how cute.

    Our beardy babies just started hatching yesterday. Four of them out so far...


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      Re: Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

      s9.gif good job Jeff nice


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        Re: Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

        I like beardies too.

        These pictures make those geckos look big. They're not. Little bitty things. But I'm excited. My first hatchlings.

        ;D ;D ;D


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          Re: Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

          Thanks bent...

          Now, if I can get the female to lay more eggs. These were her last clutch and they were laid back in August. I don't know what is going on.


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            Re: Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

            Very nicelooking little cuties. I love beardie too. My mom just bought a bearded and he is hilarious. he already has a little attitude personality to him. I am thinking about getting a lizard myself. I am torn between the albino gecko's and the bearded though. I love both.


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              Re: Albino Gecko Babies!!!!

              I went to a reptile show not too long ago where there was a big display of beardies. I kept going back to that display because I liked the big beardie he had out on a stone. They do have little personalities and are just cool. I'm thinking of getting one myself eventually.

              But right now since I have started with Leopard geckos, that's what I'm sticking with.