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Outdoor Free Time Cage..

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  • Outdoor Free Time Cage..

    8)Here is just alittle something i came up with so that your geckos can enjoy free time outdoors without worrying they will take off or get hurt.. The cage walls needs to be 1/2ft. under ground so the gex cant get out by digging or anything get in.. Its is designed so that you can be outside with them to keep an eye on them from time to time.. Make sure you place 2 water dishes in there and also a hide house at each end and maybe something east for them to climb around on, make sure everything is away from the walls so that they cant climb up.. I like to sit out side on a nice day and let my geckos enjoy there free time out but also so i can go about yard work or just sit in a chair and relax knowing they are safe and not getting away... youl have to bare with me i dont do cage drawings that well..

    This is a look at the outside of the cage...

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    Re:Outdoor Free Time Cage..

    8)Remeber you can move this cage where ever you want it.. And this is a look from the top.. Aslo there is no bottom on this cage as you want them to enjoy the ground and grass as well...


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      Re:Outdoor Free Time Cage..

      Note's for set up make sure there are no holes... lol
      Could they dig out... don't leos dig.
      Eric aka...Red


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        Re:Outdoor Free Time Cage..

        8) Red they can dig pretty good but it all depends on how hard your ground is, if its sand then i would go ahead and put it further down into the ground or make a bottom for the cage, but where im at the ground is very hard.. or if you have sand and put small wier screen on the bottom you can still let them get the natural sand feel on there feet make sure to use very fine screen...