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  • Need help choosing a Lizard

    I have quite a few snakes and I am looking to expand my collection. I've looked into Gecko's and they're too small for me, and bearded dragons are just a little too common for me. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend. I am looking for a medium sized lizard; something that would be comfortable in a 48x24x24. Also, I would prefer a lizard that only needed to be fed every other day. Any suggestions help! Thanks

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    Re: Need help choosing a Lizard

    Originally posted by OneLoveMarley
    Also, I would prefer a lizard that only needed to be fed every other day
    Maybe someone else can chime in here, but lizards have a higher metabolism than snakes and require food every day.

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      Re: Need help choosing a Lizard

      I'm with Sean... not too sure of any lizards that feed less than daily. However, some are easier to maintain with just crickets between between days where you might feed fruits and veggies or meatier treats like a pinky mouse or such.

      You might check into Blue Tongue Skinks. We had a pair not too long ago, but my nephew fell in love with them and we gave them to him.
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        Re: Need help choosing a Lizard

        Never owned one, so I'm not at all sure about the feeding, but a BTS is definitely on my wish list.


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          Re: Need help choosing a Lizard


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            Re: Need help choosing a Lizard

            Ackie monitors are cool if you like monitors but don't want to deal with the size of most monitors. You could keep a pair in a 4x2.


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              Re: Need help choosing a Lizard

              As others have pointed out most lizards need to be fed everyday. What I do for my cages is I setup places for the crickets to hide that have food in there for them. So the crickets actually last anywhere from 3-5 days in the cage. I used to have a lot more lizards but when I don't have much space where I currently live so all I have are my leopard geckos and 1 green anole. If I had the space I would get a pair of Chinese Water Dragons. They're a little bit flighty but they will calm down a little with regular handling. They're super pretty and a pair would do okay in a 48x24x24 assuming you took them out of the cage frequently. When I had a pair I kept the cage in a spare room that I used as an office and I had a huge ficus tree that they would hang out in whenever I was home.

              Also chameleons are super cool but they're more a display animal since frequent handling tends to stress them out. I've never owned any monitors simply because I've never had the space for them. A few of the smaller monitors might do okay in that size cage but I would do a lot of research to make sure. Lizards require a lot more space than snakes and a lot more care. But if you have the time and space they make super cool pets. Keep us posted on what you end up getting!
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