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  • Wanting Opinions :)

    So I have a male curly tail lizard. I have him in a 20 gallon long tank with one end having a basking lamp over some logs along with a infared lamp that keeps that end of the tank at around 90-100° (itkeeps my room warm). The other end is cool and has his water bowl. He also has a long uvb light and a heat pad under the middle of the tank (a lot of people stressed a temperature gradient so I achieved that as best I could). He has vita sand and the only reason I have that is because he is a burrowing lizard and buries himself completely every single night to go to sleep. I figured it would be more stressful to not give him that security so I went with the safest sand I could find. He has various plants and lots of logs and hides to climb on.

    Anyway, when placing him in his home after cleaning and moving him from his old 10 gallon to the new 20 gallon tank, he checked out his surroundings, ate the crickets I offered him, then puffed up real real big and made sure all his loose skin was stretched out. Then he immediately deflated and went to his favorite basking spot under his red light.

    What I’m wondering is, was that a sign that he approved of his new home? He seems very active, running around and head bobbing when I talk to him. He is a very adorable and happy go lucky lizard, I want what’s best for him. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Wanting Opinions

    I know nothing about this species of lizard but.....Are there any other animals in the room (snakes, lizards or others)? The reason I ask is because I have 2 bearded dragons and they will do this when they see one of my snakes, they absolutely hate snakes. Sometimes I have seen them do this randomly s well and I think they get a reflection from the glass and kind of spaz out. I covered 3 sides of their tank and it seems to limit this, however puffing up may also be a breeding activity display as most lizards have something they dew. Anoles extend colorful skin under the neck, bearded dragons display their beards and wave their arms etc. A study was done on anoles in the wild and the stronger and longer lasting head bobbers were found to be more successful with the ladies however, they also head bob at other males to warn them to stay away from their territory.

    So all that to say that the reason for the display could be a number of things. Nothing sounds out of the ordinary to me as far as lizard behavior is concerned, seems he may just be claiming his new territory that you gave him. Good luck.


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      Re: Wanting Opinions

      Like AaronZav, I have experience with beardies but not curly-tailed lizards. I'd agree with what he had to male beardie used to puff his beard & even attack his own image reflected either in the glass walls of his
      home, or if he caught his image in a mirror. Usually when creatures puff themselves up it's to make themselves look bigger and more fierce- either a response to a perceived threat or because they are 'feeling their oats'.
      The lizards I've known do not seem to know that a reflected image is actually them... Head bobbing is cool too, sounds like you've got yourself a wonderfully-personable pet! Please do let us know if you see this behavior
      again, as I expect you will; I have a feeling it's normal.