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Food options for Sav's

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  • Food options for Sav's

    OK, I know all the insects that my Sav will Eat, Crickets, cockroaches, super worms and I finally got him to eat a pinky. I had to bloody it up first, but he took it. Now I have a question. Will Savs eat any fruits or vegies, or it is pretty much not a good Idea to even offer them. No, I'm not trying to make my Sav a Vegetarian!! I know how harmfull that could be. But I just want to give him some other flavors in life!! Have any of you gotten your savs to eat any fruits or vegies?

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    Re:Food options for Sav's

    In all my dealings with Savhs I have never got one to eat veggies
    If you want to mix it up give him some wax worms, super worms, earth worms, grass hoppers(hard tofind a breeder but there out there), scrambled eggs, raw hamburger meat fortified with a rawegg, dog food(not often just every oncein awhile as its highin fat),try those outand let me know how they work..good luck


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      Re:Food options for Sav's

      Kool, thanks. I just wanted to give Brindle some flavors in life. I'll try the scramble eggs tonite and see what she does. I know she liked the cat food and egg yolk when I was first trying to get her to eat.


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        Re:Food options for Sav's

        Hey Evil,

        I agree 99% with what Jayson said. I did have a sav that took fresh Kale. That was back in the learning days and still not sure if its harmful or not.. But I was feeding a beardie and an Iggy and seen him eyeing the food, so I offered a stem. He ate alot of it..