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  • Diy project ahead...

    Hello everyone,...

    So I finally got started on my cage for my Savannah monitor, I`m getting a lot of crap that I should use 20 gallon tanks. But I decided to just build a 4X2X2 until I get the right stuff I need to build a 8X4X4. I have been doing months of research on these guys, and this will be my 1st monitor. Now as for as substrate, I was going to roll with orchid bark or a mixture of soil and sand but some guy told me not to use it and use aspen. Now this just ridiculous because i`ve seen many youbute videos with people using the wrong bedding.. So clearly I have 2 questions that i couldn`t find and my cousin never responded back to me on facebook, he knows more because he has all type of monitors.. I guess my 1st question is, this size cage that i`m building. Is it too huge for a newborn baby savannah monitor? That what my research told me but a lot of other people don`t agree, saying its too big.. 2nd question is: I`m building a water bowl / pool made out of Plexiglass , will go from wall to wall and maybe a foot high. Big enough to swim in, now should I put a UTH attached to with water bowl or just put a UVB near the water... May sound dumb but i`m not getting an information on this...
    Here is a photo, almost done with cage, about to paint it and should be done by monday.. I already had a few ideas on the enclosure but not too much, seeing that he/she will grow pretty fast..