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  • lizard question

    hey ya,

       i was thinking of getting some type of gecko-lizard or whatever and was wondering of an easy one to take care of and all that. it would be my first one always hated geckos but like eguanas and other lizards like that but just hit me i like lizards LOL makes no sinse so what would be an easy one for a beginner?


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    Re: lizard question

    I would say a crested gecko or a leopard gecko...
    Hear are some links Just cruise around here and look at info and such... Pics of course The reason I like the crested geckos is that you don't have to feed crix's and you don't need suplumental heat..(most of the time....) But you can feed crix.. and if your house is cool you may need a heat divise for the day time... Same here... Leopard geckos need a good basking area (hot) and don't clime glass. I like that you don't have to worry about the humidity as much with leopards.... I think you should choose though...... but these two kinds are the coolest (in my opion) and well they are the recamended ones for beginners too...
    If I was in you shoes ( which I am) I would buy one of each... hehe can you guess what I am doing... lol
    Even better huh...
    I hope this helps....
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: lizard question

      cool thanks red.

      ok i have pretty much desided to go with a crested gecko so any one out there got one and can you tell me what i will need to provide it?



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        Re: lizard question

        I am in the proces of getting one...
        Go here
        they will have a care sheet and pics of enclosers.. plus a very active chat room and a forum that is for just crested geckos...
        Eric aka....Red