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  • tokay care guides

    Does anybody know of where I could get some very good and informative care guides on Tokays? I want to have something to readily look at, while at home. Also, I want some advice on the current care of my new babies. These are the new babies that I bought with Barracuda and SnakeDan at the Lee Watson reptile swap in Streamwood, IL. last saturday, 6/7

    Currently I have two tokays, according to the dealer I bought it from they were a male and a female, but I'm not totally sure. They are in a 29-30 gallon tall tank, with a screen top. I have a heating pad on the bottom of one side with a heat lamp on the same side set to a timer. Repticarpet on the bottom for substrate. I have a single hollowed out log on one side and a bleached piece of drift wood that lays across most of the tank. I have a single vine hanging from the top of the tank going completely across the tank. We have so far fed them both about 20 crickets. We are misting 2-3 times a day and have placed a towel over the top that covers the entire top and lays over the back of the cage. Now I have yet to hear the bark, but they may be stressed out due to the fact that they were carried around for about an hour and had a 5 hour car ride home. But I want to make sure I'm doing things right. As far as temps, I'm not sure, I'm going to buy a digital thermometer/hygrometer this weekend. Am I doing things OK. Any suggestions on what I need to do different?

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    Re:tokay care guides

    8)Heres some links for ya Evil, I hope this helps....

    This link has pics and some of the set up plus babies and also what the male and female look like-vents..

    This one is intresting,

    Heres another good one, nice place to check out to..

    Heres another good place to check out.


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      Re:tokay care guides

      Thanks cuda, I've seem most of those already, but the ones that I haven't seen are pretty interesting. Thanks.