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  • Tegu Care

    Since I have owned quite a few I thought I would share what I know and have learned from keeping these GREAT lizards.

    There a few diffferent kinds of Tegu's.

    The argentine Tegu's
    -Red Tegu
    -Blue Tegu
    -B&W Tegu
    -and people say there is a yellow tegu but I think it is just a columbian B&W with a more yellowish color.

    The argentine B&W grows to be the largest, getting up to 4 and a half feet in total length. And getting up to 15 pounds.

    The Red wich is the second biggest can reach lenghts of 4 feet. Same with the blue tegu. The Columbian Tegu's which are very different from argentine Tegu's are smaller in overall size, and have been known to be more aggresive. While argentine tegu's can and do hibernate if there temps drop, Columbians will not.
    Argentine Tegu's eat a large variety of foods-
    Many kinds of fruits-
    Pinki mice and rats, and as they grow larger they can eat full grown mice.

    Columbian Tegu's are strictly meat eaters, no fruits there.

    A basking temp of 95 and a background temp in the mid 80's is perfect for both species of Tegu(argentine and columbian)
    Full spectrum UV lighting is a must for healthy Tegu's. Also a calcium supplement must be added to there food.

    A 40 gallon breeder cage is ok for a babie Tegu, but it will soon outgrow it. A good size cage for a tegu is 6' length, by 2' depth, by 2' high. The bigger the better.

    Tegu's have been known to live up to 14 years, but most reach the age of 10. They are very hardy lizards, and can put up with alot of punishment.

    Make sure there temps are right and they are eating a good diet, mixture of fruits and meat. I dont suggest feeding them raw food such as raw eggs and meat. Even though in the wild there food isn't cooked, I think it is just better to be on the safer side. Make sure they have a damp hideout so they can shed properly. They need a large water bowl for soaking and drinking, but clean it out regualry cause they often defacate in it.

    I don't think I left out anything...

    Ohh for a new Tegu owner, buy a Argentine B&W, they are the eaiest to tame, and I think are the most attractive. And I forgot to mention, there are to kinds of argentine B&W's. The true morph and the chocaon morph(think thats how you spell it) The true morph has more black while the Chocoan(also called the white head) has more white in its body and has an all white head.

    Tegu's are great lizards, once you buy one you will want another, trust me. So I hope this helped out at least someone, I know this is a boa site, but there is no Tegu site so I did my best.

    The only place I trust in buying argentine B&W tegu's is...

    And a good place to buy all species is

    Hope this helped Any questions let me know.

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    Re:About Tegu's

    8) wow thats a very good post there Welsh... and there is a Gold tegu, we took one in many yrs ago befour the B&W was popular, this tegu got loose from the owner and got outside and was hit by a car, sad to say there wasnt much we could do way back then, they are still around but not popular as they do have a attitude, bad temper, they are not like the B&W or other color that is out there today.. But still excellent post!


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      Re:About Tegu's

      Well see I learn something knew everyday, thanks for correcting me on the yellow(gold) tegu topic. I would like to see one, and I also left out of my post the Dwarf Tegu's, but I really don't know much about them. They arent to big in the pet trade.


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        Re:About Tegu's

        8) Il have to go thru old pics and see if i can find one of that tegu, i know we took one in the holding cage.. They are classifed as golden tegu's. as far as the dwarfs go i think they are supose to be real sweet temperd, not to sure but i do know there out there... will have to check into that...


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          Re:About Tegu's

          Here are some golden tegu pics...


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            Re:About Tegu's

            and another...


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              Re:About Tegu's

              There fairly inexpensive I've seen themon the net for about $30.00..Good looking tegu 's though!!


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                Re:About Tegu's

                From those pics it looks like a Columbian.


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                  Re:About Tegu's

                  Those are both Golden Tegus found in trinedad...There not me...


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                    Re:About Tegu's

                    They are pretty cool looking. I say they look like Columbians because they lack the 2 white stripes down there back like all argentines have, and they have a slimer head. But I don't know anything about them so I am probably wrong. ???


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                      Re:About Tegu's

                      Hey Welsh,

                      Thanks for the good info on Tegu's.. Never owned one myself, but they are cool looking..

                      Thanks for sharing the info..



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                        Re:About Tegu's

                        8) Hey big mitch the second pic looks like the one we took in many many yrs ago that got hit by a car.. heres another pic of them they was being sold for like 35 bucks.. these are babies... these guys look like they need to eat and get a good home...


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                          Re:About Tegu's

                          ;D Sweet those guys were a little skinny..Cute though


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                            Re:Tegu Care

                            Hi everyone this is Brian about a year ago I adopted Gothica (godzila as Steve named her). She is doing great I do have some picc and I will try to post them right now I new at doing this so please bear with me.


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                              Re:Tegu Care

                              here she is.