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Sevrons and Parrot fish together

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  • Sevrons and Parrot fish together

    I ve had fish tanks for year's probably close to 35 years, and have finally decided to keep only one or two species of fish, my favorite are green sevron, and gold sevron, my wife's like the orange parrot fish ,they are related to sevrons a hybrid cross between sevrons and the orange meat eating devil fish ( devil fish are extremly aggresive meat eaters). Sevrons are primarily veggie eaters.
    I ve heard the parrot fish will darken to brown if fed large amounts of meat flake food's ,,mine only eat the Koi floating food and have done so for a few years.
    they seem very healthy. the big boy in the picture is 5 y/o gold sevron he is about the third generation of sevrons I ve owned over the last 13 years since I retired and returned to Virginia. all the fish in thsi tank are nearly five except the little fish they don't live that long...I ve heard sevrons can live up to 7 to 10 years they usally get a little to big for my tanks around 5-6 I have pet stores beg me for the big ones and they give me large boxes of food for free.. hehe I usally start with 6 babies and they end up like this after a few years. i would need 300 gal tank to breed sevrons correctly ... I just like them to look at, they are so tame as adults I can actually touch them just watch you finger cause they can lounge at you they don't have front teeth but their mouth has a harden lip used for scraping and they grind most of their food in their rear teeth near the gills, thats a bit messy when feeding pellet food thats why I need the little fish for clean up.

    the other small fish are clean up fish pearl and rainbow daino's that keep the tank clean by eating any food that makes it past the larger fishes gills as they feed, I always shut down fliltration while feeding this gives the little guys time to clean up food dust before I restart the,three filters I use on this tank they are sand filter , wet vat sump biological it holds around 10 galons of water, and a large canister with carbon..
    I usally change about 1/2 the water about every 4 months, filtration and the right amount of food keep the maint to minimum. I do need to rinse the pre-filterweekly to remove the stuff trapped in the pad it fills up pretty quick with the large sevrons the are over 10 in .the tank is the last 95 octagon Ocean Pacific tank sold at my favorite pet store it was nearly 100 lbs empty very thick glass there's ove 100 pounds of gravel and the water is over 1000 pounds so this tank need to be on the first floor. :P.. hehe the OP company stopped making 95 due to the cost and the weight of shipping.
    finally the secret for keeping large aggresive fish is to have enough schooling (dianio's) fish to prevent them from focusing their attention on each other and the large driftwood prevents them from actually biting they can run around the wood to escape the aggresive dominant fish every tank has a pecking order . they may chase each other at times when I am coming to the tank to feed they try to postion themselves for the most food... PS the drfit wood is critical to keeping pleco fish i have a red velvet and a rhino pleco in this tank they are a bit shy, you can see the large cat hanging up side down on the wood many cats eat small fish this variety has to small of a mouth..he would if he could.
    there's is also 2 steel blue loaches around 8 years old over 6 inchs I also have a rare tiger loach
    doug ;D
    I have learned many tricks from the experts on controling PH, I never have to check my ph on my tanks its exactly 7.2...more to followin the future.
    and you can never have to much filtration...

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    Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

    Very nice Doug. I like the fish that can grow larger in the tanks, but sometimes you sacrifice the ability to keep "other" type fish because the bigger ones tend to prey on the smaller ones.

    Those parrot fish are beautiful.
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
    Founder 1998-2013


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      Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

      Good info Doug,

      Now are they fresh water tropical fish? Just never seen them before.. I used to enjoy having fish, just haven't for years.. Nice shots BTW..



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        Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

        The parrot fish are a cross between sevrons and red devil fish, both are south american cichlids, and fresh water they live a very long time and require very little maint if properly cared for and not over fed the wrong foods.
        most of the rest are also from the region not sure about the dainio's I know most pleco are also from south america. Parrots are hybrids and don't easily reproduce on their own I believe, so they are kind of high end around 30.00 each as babies.
        Doug more info from a fish site..

        The other kind of parrot cichlid is increasingly common in pet stores. It is sometimes called the parrot cichlid or blood parrot cichlid or red parrot cichlid or blood red parrot cichlid. When this fish first appeared a few years ago, they were orange, now I have seen them in various colors ranging from orange to red to purple. For the rest of this page, I will call this fish the blood parrot cichlid. [Note: I have recently seen this fish labelled as Hoplarchus psittacus in some pet stores -- this is absolutely and completely wrong.]

        The blood parrot cichlid is a man-made hybrid. The exact origins of the fish are unclear but it appears to be a cross between a South American cichlid, likely the severum (Heros severus) and a Central American cichlid, likely the midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus) or the red devil (Amphilophus labiatus).

        In the last year, there has been a rash of new kinds of parrot cichlids, now called jellybean cichlids or similar things to reflect the many colors they now come in.


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          Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

          Hey Doug,

          Before this post I didn't even know my brother had three parrot fish. They are real big.. The only thing they were confused with was each one of the Parrots were a different color when the got them. Now they are all bright orange. Said they feed it the food that is supposed to maintain the color each was, but its not working.. Any suggestions I can pass along?



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            Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

            beings the parrot fish are a hybrid they can take on the trait of either species, Now what I ve been told is if you feed meat or meat flake they can change colors, to a less desirable flat color
            I feed mine that japanese koi food thats mostly from plants and algae. it comes in a rather large orange box and has koi on it. I ve feed my sevrons this for years.

            This seems to keep the color up and the koi food has color enhancers.
            Thats about all I know about them. I have seen a couple white ones and blotted colors, mine were orange and stayed orange, the best color is something called blood red. they are the brightest and probably most expensive.


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              Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

              Thanks for the info Doug... I passed it along to him..



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                Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

                I am so juiced! A forum about fish. I must say I was very young when I bred my first Angel Fish. My family made me do alot of research before I was allowed to breed them, but I did it. And when I was like 9 I was selling my babies to the local fish store. He actually stopped ordering Angel Fish because with my 12 pairs of breeders I was pumping them out pretty good. I was doing black laced veileds, german blushers, marbels, marble veileds, and golds!

                Hey doug of the cichlids my favorite are the angel fish, but the gold severems are definately a fav of mine. I don't really appreciate the parrot fish unless they are the deep orangey color. It is very nice to watch them eat krill though. I used to feed them krill and the marine cuisine when I worked at Petco.
                Anyway, I'm excited to see this forum for fish. I'll be here alot!


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                  Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

                  Hi ,
                  An update on what can go wrong when you don't have power for a couple days.
                  I lost power during that storm and the fish seemed normal I removed the glass cover on the tanks and stopped feeding to lower the biological strain to the tank..
                  What I forgot was the large marineland canister filters that are normally aerobic due to water flow and oxygen content are metabolising the nitrates to a harmless subatance that is used by the aerobic bacteria in the sump filters, the really bad news is after 24 hours of no water flow the aerobic bacteria died and the anerobic bacteria took off or bloomed in the canister and created all kind of toxic substances ( ammonia ,nitrites) and such when I finally cycled the filter on a electric generator the toxins poisioned my fish and I lost a couple. :-[.. After seeing a coulple of them die from toxic shock I thought what the heck is wrong ??? and then the light went on :P and I broke down my large canister marine filter and removed all the waste ( fish poop /dead bacteria ) and this fixed the problem and everyone is doing better now.... Geeze.. that learning curve.. when I sniffed the tank before cleaning the filter I could smell the ammonia normally my healthy tanks smell a little like potting soil that would be a healthy filter or tank water if your wondering. Iw as so worried about my snakes and my house ,,that I forgot my my basic water chemistry geeze
                  and the pain of running a generator that only has 4 k capacity and having three refers ,, geezee you have to run a seperate heavy duty power cord for each refer or the wire heats up very quickly it seem most electrical cords are only designed for aload of 10 and most generators can put out 30 + so you'll fry the average orange extension cord// :-X doug


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                    Re:Sevrons and Parrot fish together

                    man that is sad to hear doug glad all of the rest are doing better though