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  • Giant African Pixie Frog...

    8) This frog also known as the african burrowing bullfrog is one very easy to care for frog but it must not be left un attended with children as it can and will bite really bad.. The largest male i had was over 11"++ and he was able to eat small rats with no problem.. You can hold them but just make sure when you pick them up at this size use two hands and hold by one hand on one side and the other supporting the other side with your thumbs on the top of the body..Most people think that keeping them on gravel in water is good enough but this is actully the wrong way to set them up.. Keeping them in water all the time can cause prolapse of the intestines and health probs down the road.. Also gravel can be ingested and block the stomach and intestines.. The should always be set up with a land moss area and a large water soak dish..These frogs are very laid back and only spring to action when food-prey is available, there for they can get very very fat.. The male is the one that gets huge and the female stays around 5 to 6 inches or so.. Kinda funny as the male of most all species stays small.. LOL!! The male protects the eggs and chases off any preditors that come near them and the have been known to chase off lions in the own natural habitat.. Babies will eat one another and with gusto to boot.. so you should always only keep one per tank.. My kids use to take ours outside on a warm 70 to 80 degree day and put him out where we have some sand dirt mix in the yard and a huge water pan out with him and sit and read while he was out and about the most he ever did was burrow down in and would look so funny with just those eyes above ground waitting for prey to come his way.. Males will call very loudly at night with a real low deep croak . kids use to say it sounded like our cows was in the house..LOL!!! We love this species of frog and they are fantastic to own for many years as it takes a male up to 2 to 4 years to reach full size, depends on what they eat and how well there cared for..I had one reach almost adult size when it was only 1 1/2 yrs old.
    Im including some info for yaz on these huge green moon pies.. hehe. thats what we call them..

    Common Names.. African Burrowing Bullfrog, Pixie Frog
    Scientific Name.. Pyxicephalus adspersus
    Distribution.. Southern Africa
    Size.. Females grow to about 5 inches; males grow larger, up to 11"inches...
    Temperament.. Aggressive feeders, can bite hard, should be housed individually. Will kill other frogs even there own kind.
    Hardiness... Very hardy when properly set up and maintained.
    Sexing... Males are much larger than females. Males have yellow to orangish throats and some color on there bellies plus alittle on there front legs on the inside. Babies and juveniles are very hard to sex. Unless the juvenile has alot of yellow or orangish color already on the throat area. females tend to be dull greenish brown when grown.. Try to look for a baby that has alot of color to it with very large ear spots
    Food.... Nutrient fed mice, large goldfish, night cralwers-earth worms, large vitamin/calcium dusted crickets, and waxworms, large moths Feed babies every other day, and use small prey items and they can take up to 3 nightcrawlers at a time and also more than 12 crickets in one feeding.. adults about every 5 to 7 days. If kept on gravel (or any other indigestible substrate), be careful to prevent substrate ingestion. I recomend you dont use gravel..
    Housing.... Babies can be kept in small plastic animal containers, pet pal or critter keepers. Sub-adults and adults can be displayed in a 10 to 15 gal, tank. The set up can consist of a tank with a deep layer of a soil/sand/moss mixture and a sunken water pan. Ease of cleaning should be considered when designing or landscaping a Pixie Frog vivarium as they urinate and defecate often, requiring frequent cleaning of water and substrate. You can use fake plants and a small log for decorations. I also use lots of moss from outside that has been checked for bugs and soaked for few hrs. The frog would rather burrow into its bedding and stay hidden for long periods of time.
    Water..... Use only aged or dechlorinated water at all times.
    Temperature/Humidity... Day 75-88F, night 72-80F. Babies will do best at a constant 80-86F. Good ventilation is a necessity.
    Lighting.... Full spectrum lighting/U.V. is not required, although it may bring out the best colors in these frogs. Regular room lighting is sufficient to maintain Pixie Frogs.
    Heating..... Under tank heating pad placed under 1/2-1/3 of vivarium will provide 24 hr bottom surface heat and proper temperatures for this species. However a low wattage incandescent light can also be used as a supplemental heat source to provide the proper daytime temperatures. I always use a under tank heat pad on low....
    Pic , adult male pixie frog...

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    Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

    Ok what about those pac man frogs...?? I always thought they where neat... hehe
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

      Giant and pixie, isn't that an oxymoron. So, would that mean that it's a normal size frog? LOL


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        Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

        He looks like one of those frogs that you can get at walgreens!!lol The ones with the sensor in them that croak every time you walk by. s15.gif
        hahaha- cwm27.gif


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          Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

          8)Here ya go a pic of just how big one can get,, this is the size of the huge male i use to have.. Oh on the Horn frogs no prob il throw ya some info on them as well and the diffrent species there are...

          Pic courtesy of Prehistoric Pets..


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            Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

            My god!!!! I didn't know a frog could get that big . I also have never heard of a frog being agresive enough to chase away large predators, man is everything in africa dangerous!


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              Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

              8)Hey you think that frog is big,, hehehe!! the worlds largest frog is the goliath frog from africa.. These frogs came out on the market awhile back and they just didnt do to well in captivity as they need huge enclosures and they are more than capable of smashing glass and they would rub there noses raw.. I was able to see these giants awhile ago and they were not cheap on the market.. heres a few links to see some pics and get some info..

              A site all about frogs, there biology and nature. plus loads of fun, photos abd games.

              A site all about frogs, there biology and nature. plus loads of fun, photos abd games.


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                Re: Giant African Pixie Frog...

                Holy crap, that frog is huge!!!!! Man I think africa is just plain dangerous, even that amphibians are nasty and huge (can't wait to go there! hehe). Thanks for the info barricuda b27.gif