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Finally A Toad..

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  • Finally A Toad..

    8)Well after only seeing small toads around here and wantting to catch a very large female American or Fowlers toad last night the cat was out in the yard by the bird feeder batting at something on the ground i really couldnt see what it was so cassie dashed out there with the flashlight and sure enough it was a good 5 inch female american toad wooohoooo cassie snatched it up from the cat and now its in a 10 gal tank we are gona work on fixing the tank up today and keep the new fat girl.. Lastnight she ate few moths and some crix gona work on some night crawlers tonight and see if it will except wax worms as well.. We are gona call her "Pudge" ;D For some reason the last 2 yrs there have been alot fewer toads around except babies..