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Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all also ?

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  • Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all also ?

    I know snakes are the "thing" to keep herpwise , BUT c'mon .. There are some GREAT chelonian ss also ya know lol. This is yet another shot of our BONNIE, ASTT.

    just noticed this forum hasn't been touched in over a month's time.. C'mon.. Who's got chelonians hidden in their closets ?? lol

    That's my son , Jourdain, holding here, he was relocating her for me. She's always heading for the road and has to be watched closely when outdoors. I'm willing to bet he won't be able to pick her up like that in another couple of years hehe

    Still building the page but this is BONNIE's page here...

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    Re: Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all als

    Neat lori.. I had a turtle when I was a kid but it was a wild caught one... I let it go where I found it.. It was about a year after I found him(Him?) His name was skeeter.. I found him next to a skeet range.. Well nice look'in turtle there..
    Eric aka...Red
    P.s. about how big will that one get... weight, lenth, and width..??


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      Re: Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all als

      HI Lori,
       Always wanted one, I have a couple ornamental , and a eastern box.They stay in the yard and hibernate the winter away. MY next turtle will be a Herrmans Tortise I saw one on turtle times it was the Sept 2002 pin-up turtle  pics from lots of turtle pics,

      Lori your turtle is really a beautiful turtle, I ve heard they can move things like couches, wooden fences , strech that chain link fence? .
       How do you corral this kritter when out side or do you constantly watch.Most of the outdoor enclosure's I ve seen involve cinder block cemented in place and such.  do you use a room for a cage.. Someone said they need at least a pig blanket in the winter to winter over so the don't get to cold?
         doug  ???


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        Re: Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all als

        I would LOVE to, but living in an apartment does not offer the space needed for most animals. As it is now, my snakes cage takes up about half of the room she is in. My mom has a turtle and i have not been able to figure out what kind of turtle it is. maybe you could help out. I only have one pic of her though. here it is.....


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          Re: Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all als

          HMM>> That is definately one of the Asian Box Turtles that she has there. It looks like the Malayan one, but the ones I have seen usually have a darker carapace [ basically black] and also the yellow striping on the head is much longer in length also.
          These ss of turts are basically 100% aquatic also btw. Basic set up is an aquarium with access to get out of the water if they want to. A log or rocks will suffice for this np. Just make sure that whatever is used for them to get out of the water is secure though and they can not break it down and injure themselves is all. They love to eat goldfish..but will also eat the greens [ floating on the water] and some will even eat pellets. they do require UVB lighting btw also.
          Hope that helps some in Id etc for you


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            Re: Doesn't anyone here keep chelonians at all als

            That helps out alot..thanks very much...and yeah she does love to eat goldfish..kind of funny though....for the 16 or so years we have had her, everytime we put goldfish in her tank....she eats all but one...and she will never eat that last one...the last survivor has been in there for about 6 anyway..thank you very much for the identity...