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Has any kept Red Backed Salamanders

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  • Has any kept Red Backed Salamanders

    During my stay at Cuda's we all went out bug and critter hunting. We ended up catching about 6 red backed Salamanders. I'm getting ready to set up a terrarium for this guys. Has anyone kept them before or know where some care and set up guides are. I've found some information, but nothing very in depth. But here's what I'm going to do for the set up.

    I have a 10 gallon tank that I'm going to use. I am first going to put a layer of Peat moss down. Then I am going to place a lot of regular moss on top of that. I plan on planting a Philidenren in there, just for a plant. Then I'm going to be placing several pieces of Bark in different places, through out the tank, for hides. I am also putting in a wood frog, a toad and 2 snails. What a set up, ya know!! I am also placing in a small Lagoon, just for some water, in case any of them decide they want to swim. I am also going to be spraying the cage down once or twice a day, since Salamanders can only breath through their skin. Is there anything else that I should do?

    Also, these guys were caught in Michagin. I'm in Illinois. One of these days, I may go out to the woods and maybe search for some other Salamaders. Are there any that CAN NOT be places inside the tank with these guys?

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    Re:Has any kept Red Backed Salamanders

    OK, well my Salamanders all died!! :'( :'( :'( So, Now all I have in the tank is a couple snails, a wood frog and a toad. But there are some eggs on ond of the pieces of bark. So, I'm hoping that they are Salamander eggs. Wouldn't that be kool!!!!


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      Re:Has any kept Red Backed Salamanders

      Hey Evil, sorry they didn't make it.. I have kept some of the bright ornage salamanders around here. That was years back.. Someone back then told me to keep them in a soaking wet setup, and they did live until we released them a month before winter.. I was thinking about setting up something like you mentioned, but I just don't have the time.. One day..

      Good luck with the eggs..