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  • Rescue Tort....

    8)Well since one of our herpin buds has passed away his wife dont work with or care for the critters so i ended up with a tortise that he had gottin from me few yrs back.. Its a Sulcata tortise and her name is Speedy.. I remember when i first got speedy when she was a tiny tiny baby and now alot bigger still not its full size as i think Speedy never recived the proper care, she ate like a real pig when JR and Evil brung her home and she enjoyed a nice long outting in the back eatting lots grass and dandilions.. Tonight shes sleeping well and tomarrow she will be shifted to a new cage and better care shes getting a long bath oil on the shell and also her nails trimed... She will never reach her full size but now shes with me and will do much better.......

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    Re:Rescue Tort....

    Hey Cuda,

    Glad you get the tort back... So did you decide if your gonna keep it or place it?

    Good luck with him..


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      Re:Rescue Tort....

      8)JR says Speedy will be staying with us permanetly, she had a good long warm bath and stuff cleaned off her legs and shell and also got her shell oiled and cleaned as well and got a good pile of diffrent food items to eat, she enjoyed the day outside in the warm sun, she even sun bathed for awhile as if to say Thanks lady i havent had this in along time.. shes gona be put on a real good vitamin mix. Her nails got trimed as short as i could get them with out cutting the quick, now she can walk alot better on her back feet, will retrim and file them in 2 weeks.. JR is out working on a outside pen for her as i type this.. I wonder if after all these yrs she knows shes home again...


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        Re:Rescue Tort....

        ;D ;D Well not only did Speedy get to soak up the sun rays today and free range on grasses and stuff but she wanted to take a quick stroll down the sandy driveway... Was just to funny how fast that tort can really stroll... I think she realizes she can actully really move... LOL!! shes doing great... ;D Shes like no more dark and dreery cage.. wooohooooo FREEDOM!!!!


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          Re:Rescue Tort....

          8)Well yesterday after another soak bath Speedy went out side to soak up the sun rays and wander around getting good excersize and she finally pooed wasnt much so i could tell she hadnt eatting in awhile befour i got her.. She has been eatting lots of her fav foods leaf lettuce and bananas and also lots melon and tomatoes with dry cat food, last night she had corn and peas with green beans.. Shes feeling good, she just zips around the back yard now is to funny... Gona try to get pics this commin next week...