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using tubs for rats?

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  • using tubs for rats?

    Years ago I raised rats, mostly in cages. I tried a tub once and then had rats all over my attic because they chewed a hole in it.
    Ive also kept them in tanks(aquariums) and had them chew off all the silicone.
    So how do others say they keep them in tubs? Are they regular sterilite/rubbermaid style tubs?

    I only need a ratio of 1 male 3 females.
    I really do hate breeding rats but need to cut down my feeder costs.
    Right now Im spending about 250 dollars every 6 mnths for frozen.Which isnt that bad but Im currently not working and feel guilty spending that much.

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    Re: using tubs for rats?

    Laboratory cages are the best & worth the money. You can sometimes find them MUCH cheaper as 'used'. You want the polycarbonate (hard!-) plastic bottoms with the (heavy) 'wire' tops (no chew thru and keeps their
    food- lab blocks- from being wasted/contaminated on the cage floor). These types of cages also work best for mice too, but the differences are: spacing between the bars must be closer for mice, & mice cannot push the
    lids off but rats cages made for rats usually have latches...but if you find a large 'mouse' lab cage (with no latches) you can also use a couple large binder clips to make sure they stay contained. (clip the metal bar
    tops to the plastic bottoms on each side)

    I had pet rats long before I kept snakes, and you're correct...rats will remove the silicone from aquariums, lol...and they can chew right thru bricks, so most plastic (ie. sterilite/rubbermade) hasn't got a prayer! There ARE some
    super heavy duty plastic tubs but I don't know who makes them...I have a couple large tubs like that & rats could not chew their way out easily or quickly...but I don't know where to get them. Try feed stores? I got mine
    used...& they've done multiple duties for me over the years. I did use them for rats for a time...I built a lid for them...but still, the professional lab cages are truly the best & safest (<most secure) and they last for decades.
    Rats cannot get a 'purchase' with their teeth to chew them up.


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      Re: using tubs for rats?

      I saw at the Tractor supply they had some really thick tubs. I am deciding between reg. rats and AFS. I can get reg rats locally but will have to drive 3 hours to get ASF.
      I know if I buy regular rats I will end up with pets, it happens every single time and I dont want that.
      I only need a small breeding group of maybe 1.3 at most. I cant spend too much either, I just bought 3 new snakes in a months time.LOL and Im not working,eek.Hubby puts up with me but I better not be too high maintenance.


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        Re: using tubs for rats?

        Just keep in mind that while you can buy the tubs, you still have to make a lid that they cannot chew thru! that means HEAVY guage "hardware cloth" at least & making a wood frame, plus making it so it cannot
        be pushed off (& allow them to get loose). By the time you do that, depending on your skills, it might be worth it to buy a lab cage. Ask around if anyone has used ones for sale & bleach them & wash them well.
        I've been making my own cage lids for decades, btw. Nothing is "free".


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          Re: using tubs for rats?

          I breed rats and mice and some of them are in glass fish tanks with wire mesh tops. They do just fine, just make sure you use strong 1/4 inch wire mesh, folded to fit around the top. Then I put old fridge shelving on top of the mesh, and weigh that down with heavy weights. Presto. Use lots of newspaper to line the bottom and tear up more for them to make nests.


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            Re: using tubs for rats?

            I do have a 40 gallon breeder that has a crack(small but not pretty). The crack cant be felt and its still useable.I am going to use that and some wierd petstore style cages I picked up in a trade and regret because I lost a snake thinking they were snake proof.I think they will work great for rats but since they are melamine I realize they will never be the same after rats stink them up but I really cant figure out what else to use them for.